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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Bill: Good morning. We are reviewing the book, Leave Your Nets, by Joel. We are looking this week at chapter 4 called “Open Out A Way.” Before we move into it, if you haven’t had your morning meditation or perhaps your evening meditation, stop this talk and have a meditation. Make contact, and then you can feel certain that what you need to hear you will hear. Let’s start at the beginning…. Read More

Bill Skiles:  Good morning. We are into November already, November third, 2019. And the only reason I give the date is because people ask me what’s the most recent talk and all that, so I give the date for them. It doesn’t really matter. You’ll hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it. We are looking at this wonderful book called Leave Your Nets by Joel Goldsmith, and… Read More

Bill Skiles: Good morning. We are looking at the second half of the chapter in this book, the book called Leave Your Nets, the second chapter called “Knowing the Unknowable,” and I think we know enough by now, just on the chapter and a half that we’ve looked at, that this book could very well have been entitled “Leave Your Material Sense of Self,” which is what leave your nets means. It… Read More