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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Welcome once more. We find today that we’re again facing a passage in John which the other disciples did not report. And always it seems to be because John alone was able to take us on the inner journey. And here we find a supper for Lazarus. Now you hear much about the last supper and the reason largely that the last supper is still nothing more than a religious ceremony for… Read More

You who haven’t been here before, we’re in a very special area in this work at the moment. Those of you who have read Parenthesis in Eternity know that Joel has accepted that terminology from a mystic loge that this is a parenthesis and we here in following his work are learning to make our transition out of the parenthesis. We know that the world passes out of the parenthesis through death…. Read More

I want to thank some of you who have sent in your letters about the resurrection of Lazarus, what it has meant to you as far as understanding goes. Even though not many were turned in, the caliber of those that did come in indicates that we are going through the resurrection experience. As you know, the world has seen this experience in the Bible as the raising of a dead man… Read More

We’re coming now to a very important chapter, “The Resurrection of Lazarus.” Its importance cannot be over-stressed for one simple reason. It is a description of the inner experience that every person on earth is destined to go through. It makes no difference where you are in consciousness now. It makes no difference if you have accepted the Divine will within yourself or not. It makes no difference how high you go… Read More