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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Herb: Good afternoon again. If we may assume that to pray aright is to know God aright, then we may further conclude that to pray aright is to know Life eternal. For, to know God aright is Life eternal. And so the ability to pray aright becomes the very core of your work as a student of God, a student of Spirit, a student of the Infinite Way. To know God aright… Read More

Herb: Good afternoon everybody. We have a very interesting subject today. The way to the realm of heaven on earth, to opening the consciousness, to witnessing the Creation of God as It is, in all its harmony, only comes through meditation. There is no other door. Unfortunately, the world has not realized this. It is only now about ten years since the idea of meditation became known throughout the world. Until then,… Read More

Herb: Welcome again! We have an opportunity today to find a new order of life. A completely new level which all of us have been seeking for so many years, and which mankind has been seeking throughout its existence. We are told that: Whosoever shall love his life will lose it. In those cryptic words we are given a great insight into this other level of life. Whosoever shall lose his life,… Read More

Herb: As you recall in the Book of Revelations, there is a series of chapters on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and there is a man on a white horse, a man who knows truth. Knows the letter so well that he is ready now to go forth to show the glory of God. And it isn’t long before he discovers that he doesn’t know truth at all. He is beset… Read More