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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Good morning, my friends. I don’t know if today’s talk is going to be very long or not. It may be just only 15 minutes. I don’t know. I wish I could just close my eyes, get that feeling of the Presence of the Christ, feel that inner humming, and transmit that through this talk. And then there would be nothing to say, because that’s the whole purpose of The Infinite Way… Read More

Good morning. The subject for today, the principle of this talk is “No illusion is ever externalized,” and that’s a quote from Joel’s book A Parenthesis in Eternity and the chapter Reality and Illusion, which we’re going to cover this morning. And I feel it’s important, and I don’t know if you have the book, so if I read a lot of it, I apologize. I just don’t know any better way… Read More

Good morning. This is the first talk of 2013, Sunday morning, January 6th, and it’s another Uncomfortable Talk. And if you’re not uncomfortable during this talk at some point, I’m pretty sure you’re not listening – not deeply listening. Because we’re going to discuss some things today that are uncomfortable. I don’t like them either. I don’t like to look at them. But I need to look at them. I must know… Read More

Good morning. We are continuing our series of talks. I guess we could call them The Uncomfortable Talks, and today’s is going to be called “Seek Incorporeality.” Now we discussed in previous talks how we look out with our five physical senses and see only images in thought, and then we love or we fear or we hate these images and never see the reality. And I know it’s uncomfortable to think… Read More

Good morning. This morning we’re going to take a look at the principle: The Father within me, He doeth the works. Now I know some folks have reported being uncomfortable with these recent talks, and I’m sorry to say that today’s talk is not going to be any better. The Christ said: There are many things I have to tell you, but you cannot bear them now − some 2000 years ago…. Read More