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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Take your single most troubling problem, whether it’s one of yours or one of your relatives or friends or neighbors, patients or students, and here you have on your mind this problem. It may be a problem of lack and limitation – let us put it this way: it may be appearing as lack and limitation; it may be a problem appearing as a health issue, it could appear as disease or… Read More

One day you are going to have to face a fact that makes human life very difficult. You can avoid facing it. No one can make you if you don’t want to, but the will of God in you will not be denied. And, as long as you defer facing this fact, you’ll find that in some way you cannot put all the pieces together. There will always be something elusive in… Read More

I’d like to suggest that today, we challenge ourselves and make ourselves face spiritual truth without flinching, we each appoint ourselves a committee of one and take our humanhood in hand as a child. Now the first challenge is this: Did Joel die? And the reason I put it to you that directly is this; When we are told, that this is a spiritual universe and we know that Spirit cannot die,… Read More