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Monthly Archives: April 2015

First, a very cordial welcome. This, we hope will be a very important series in our lives. We have a book which the world has passed by, and yet in it, are contained everything, every idea, every truth that we have been seeking and wondering about; the answer to every frustration, the answer to all the problems that man of earth faces, the answer to disease, the answer to the meaning of… Read More

Herb: In Maui there’s big statues of the Buddha, the Karmapa once visited there, took my bedroom away but it was… (laughs) He came with fifty people and I was in his bedroom and the person I was with kept sending me notes everyday, “You’ve got to get out to Karmapa, he’s the second command in Tibet.” and “I’m going to get out”, I said, “Any day now.”And finally on the day… Read More