The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 27 Equal With God

Good morning.

This is Sunday October 20, 2013. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much the belief in good and evil influences our lives, influences our sense of identity, our sense of the world. Even in such things as our prayer life, our meditation periods, our conduct. This, of course, stems from way back in the early Hebrew days when Moses gave us the law. It was the right and proper thing at that time because the collective consciousness wasn’t ready to live by grace. You had, of course, people worshipping many different gods, doing such things as sacrificing – actually throwing living children into the fire or into the volcano or just however they disposed of them, sacrificing them, and then they moved to the sacrifice of animals, and in the early days of mankind this was acceptable.

After Moses left the law and all the rules that went with it, if you lived by that law – and the priests were quick to tell you when you didn’t – but if you lived by that law and you sacrificed animals and things to God, then you were a good religious person. And if you didn’t, well then, you were condemned. Sometimes people picked up stones and stoned you to death. That’s a pretty brutal civilization, if you can call it that. I mean they had houses and they had forms of transportation, chariots and horses, but I don’t know if you can call them civilized.

So into that came Jesus Christ, someone that had transcended the law. Where does the law take place for real? The law is part of the letter, or you might say the letter of the law. And all those who believe in the law and practice the law – well, they’ll live by the rules, the ten commandments, for instance. In other religions there are other precepts, but they bring an uncivilized, brutal, almost animalistic people into some sense of civilization, and thanks to Moses for doing that because we may not have survived as a species.

But anyway, into this civilization of high priests dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” and telling people what they can eat and how they must wash their hands and how they must wash the food and what they must do on Friday night and Saturday, into this where the sacrifice of a lamb was proper to appease God, into this came Christ Jesus with a different message, a message of love, a message of grace, a message of dying out of all that into being reborn of something called Spirit. And the amazing thing is that he lasted as long as he did, traveling the holy lands in that time period and speaking of these spiritual principles. I’m surprised really that they let him go on for three years. I mean the scribes and the Pharisees and the Hebrews of the time, they must have been completely shocked.

Remember Joel says to us truth is shocking, and it is. It still is because many of us are still being influenced by the law and living by the law, and we don’t realize it. We still have a very strong sense of what’s evil and what’s good.

Now you might agree if someone tells you that a serial killer killing Christians just because they’re Christians and maybe killing a hundred of them or more is pretty serious. That’s a pretty evil person. Oh, there’s probably all sorts of reasons. You could go to the psychiatrist and he would give you one reason, the psychologist another. You might go to the geneticist and he could tell you or she could tell you that the person is predisposed to violence. You might go to the sibling or relative who says, “Well, this person underwent a lot of abuse and now it’s showing up in this,” but in one way or another you believe this is not good and you see them finally captured and tried on national TV and okay. The murderer, the killer, the serial killer is now being put to death and that seems all right to you or to us.

But what do we have? We have a belief in good, which is not killing, and the belief in bad, which is a serial killer or evil, and the belief in the law and punishment, and if we don’t believe in the law as it is in our courts, then we believe in the law of karma: What you sow so shall you reap. And because this person killed a hundred and fifteen people, hundred and fifteen Christians, this is a bad person who sowed some bad things and surely that badness is going to come back around.

Well, these are all concepts that we entertain. Yet, I’m going to tell you something that is shocking when considered deeply. And that is: God doesn’t care if you’re a murderer. Now that would be even shocking to admit in a church today publicly. Imagine standing at the podium, “My friends, I have discovered God doesn’t care if you’re a murderer. If you feel like murdering, well fine. God doesn’t care.” Can you imagine the gasps out in the audience? But it must be true. It has to be true or the spiritual principles are a lie.

Now I was looking at the Realization of Oneness book and a sentence really jumped out at me. It says – if I can find it – it says:

Sin is really the acceptance of a material universe. Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that throws a person [well, outside the kingdom] … .

So the original sin is accepting a material universe. The original sin is accepting persons, good or evil. The original sin is accepting human beings.

Now do you believe that God sins? Of course not! God is too pure to behold human beings, so how could God care if one of them is murdering a hundred and fifteen others? If God cared about that picture, He would do something about it, and that’s what we ask and many people, all people perhaps, at one point in their lives say, “How can God let this happen!?”

God doesn’t care! That’s tough. That’s a hard one to swallow, isn’t it? But it has to be true, because if God cared, God would be hypnotized.

And the proof that God doesn’t care about a murderer or murdering, what about one of the greatest saints of all time who had such a profound love of God and such a profound conscious awareness of God that he was able to raise someone from the dead? Now you might think I’m referring to Jesus Christ, but I’m not. I’m referring to St. Paul, the murderer of Christians, the serial killer that systematically killed Christians and their only crime was promoting the Christ message in the middle of a world of law.

How many did he kill? How many did he stop from pouring out this message? We will never know maybe. Yet he’s revered. He’s a saint. He had one of the most profound spiritual experiences ever recorded in the Bible. So blazing was the light that it made him blind to a material sense of universe. Did God care that he killed a hundred and fifteen or more Christians? No, no. When Paul surrendered Paul, another being took over other than that human being, and that being called itself Paul. Before that it was Saul. So Saul was the serial killer, but God never created Saul, and once Saul surrendered it was immediate. That being called Paul took over, Paul being an emanation of Christ, of God, of Identity. And it was immediate. There’s no begging or beseeching. There wasn’t even paying back any karma. It was immediate. And so we can see by that one example that God is too pure to behold iniquity.

There was a mystic in the fifteenth or sixteenth century that said God abhors a vacuum. All you have to do is become empty of the false sense of self and automatically you’re full of God. There’s no earning. There’s no being good. There’s no paying a price first – first you have to pay this penalty. Those are all ideas that stem from the law, from those ancient Hebrews that said it was okay to sacrifice a lamb and before that, earlier than that even, was it Abraham that was willing to sacrifice his own son? But you see, that was the worship of law.

And now here’s a very strange proposition. God did not create the law. Now if you realize what that means, that means if you go out and kill a hundred and fifteen people there’s no penalty because God never made the law. You are just as able to inherit the entire infinite kingdom as the person that devoted their lives to being good. What about the persons that devoted their lives to being a monk or a priest or preacher or a nun or a sister of some order. What about these folks that have devoted their lives to doing good in the world? Does God look down and smile upon them? Is there a reward after this in heaven?

Well, I have news – not very good news (chuckles) – God doesn’t care what good you do! That can be disheartening, can’t it?

Well, I’ve lived my whole life trying to be good. I’ve never – I’ve – you know, I’ve – I made little mistakes, but I haven’t done anything heinous, nothing huge. I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t commit adultery. I didn’t wipe out a nation or put people in the gas ovens. I lived a pretty good life. I didn’t hurt people on purpose and I go to church every Wednesday and every Sunday and especially I go to midnight Mass on Christmas and Easter and I’m up at the daybreak to see the rising of the sun, the dawn on Easter morning. I give part of my money to charity. I’ve tried to be good my entire life. Oh sure, I admit as a child I lied sometimes. I even stole once or twice. Perhaps I gossiped, but I’ve been good!”

And I repeat: God doesn’t care.

Well, can you see how this would be very, very threatening to the Hebrew state of mind which says you must live by the law and dot every “i” and cross every “t” and sacrifice this and do this on Tuesday and this on Saturday and this on Friday and wash your food just so. Can you see that? Now, I’m not saying anything against the Jewish race because my ex-wife was Jewish and I have known very beautiful people that are Jewish. But I am only speaking of the Hebrew state of mind in that time when Christ was walking for those three years and spreading a new message.

And think how that state of mind, that rigid, living only by the law and nothing but the law so help you God – think how that must have looked upon Christ Jesus saying, “Well, you know, God doesn’t care if you murder. And you know, God doesn’t care if you’re good. All that has to go.”

Why, that must have just scared ‘em to death! Why without that we’d go back to being barbarians and uncivilized and without that, without everything Moses gave us we would – we would cease to exist. And yet the timing of Christ is never wrong and so it was time to release gently at first this new message.

God did not create the law, has no interest in the law whatsoever.

God did not create human beings, has no interest in what they do good or bad.

There’s no punishment. There’s no reward. You’re living in a state of mind which sees something God did not create.

And so imagine a person being told that the only sin is the acceptance of a material world. Why this individual must be mad! They must be – they just must be crazy. Let’s lock him up. Let’s crucify him! You can see that perhaps we were there doing the yelling, because it’s two thousand years later and we’re still just beginning to see the message. So perhaps we were there doing the yelling and now we are here trying to see what was released in consciousness and has gathered momentum ever since then.

Okay, so I also discovered in this book a paper that someone had typed up for me called, Joel on Spiritual Healing. It’s just five paragraphs. I’m not gonna read the whole thing. He says:

We cannot take the mortal concept of creation into heaven or harmony. We do not bring God to the material sense of existence. We surrender the belief and dream of material living for the life divine. We exchange the sense world for the spiritual formations of divine creation. Does that not say that God doesn’t care about your material sense of being, your human being, but that there’s a divine creation?

[Says Joel]: To gain the spiritual awareness of life and its perfect formation is our purpose. Bit by bit we are giving up our concern for the structural universe and in proportion as we do that, we gain the awareness of the life which is incorporeal, harmonious, and permanent.

And I see looking here in the dictionary: Incorporeal (not corporeal, not material, non-material beings without material existence). So, when he says that: Bit by bit we are giving up our concern for the structural universe and in proportion we are [gaining the] awareness of the life which is [not material, non-material beings without material existence, or not made of matter].

It is impossible for God to care what a human being does.

Now I’m sorry. I know that shatters thousands of years of beliefs and I know it’s – it’s bitter in the belly. Nevertheless, it has to be true. Otherwise, God is just as hypnotized as human beings are.

God does not care if you murder. There is no punishment at any time from God. God does not care if you’re good or philanthropic. God doesn’t care, because in both cases there’s a you and there’s a God! There’s a material person, a material being, a material universe and God, a Spirit. So that means all of the times that you thought quietly when you sit down to pray or meditate, even just briefly thought, “God, I know I haven’t been meditating a lot lately, but if you just heal this situation, bring your presence to it and heal it, I will meditate ten times a day. I promise.”

Now what did he say? We just read it. He said we cannot bring God to a material sense of existence and we cannot bring a material sense of existence into heaven into to God.

We have to die to any belief that there has ever been a human being created!

Remember what Joel told us, “It’s not easy to stop [seeing] … human beings. … But I finally made it!” Now that includes your human being; you, the human being. You have to stop seeing you where God exists. And you have to let go and die to all the beliefs that are connected to that old Hebraic law and system of law that Moses gave us. We are invited to rise above the letter of the law.

Moses gave us a law, but grace and truth came by Christ Jesus.

How much are you still living by the law? This week perhaps you caught a cold and your thought immediately, immediately goes to, “What did I do or not do?” And you have a human being trying to be good, trying not to do evil. You have a human being examining their thought to see what did I – how did I go wrong?

God doesn’t care! And you have to get to the place where you don’t care, because you’re not looking at a material existence anywhere. You see the depth at which this has to go in your consciousness? Even the little things. You stub your toe. Uh-oh, what was I just thinking?

No. God never created the law. Look at that. Feel the depth of that. God did not create law, not the law that Moses taught us about. God created spiritual law in which Spirit is perfect, but not this law of good and evil. God did not create that law and so God did not create karma. Who is there to sow and reap? If you have a person that can sow – yes, that person will reap. But it’s all in the realm of mental activity and how much we are chained to that. How much we are not free yet. How much we are living by the law. Like I said, you stub your toe and, “Oh, what was I just thinking?” You examine your thought to see if you were thinking something wrong and the wrongness that you were doing was somehow creating this backlash.

It has to be a brand new awareness of a kingdom where no law exists except for God is’ing. There has to be a presence walking, talking where no human exists. There has to be a grace living, being, living Itself where no law exists. Look at Jesus Christ and his responses. Stretch forth your arm. Open your eyes. Nothing about – yes, your parents or your grandparents sinned and this is why – no, nothing. “Neither do I condemn thee.” Go. You’re free. Even in the very act she’s caught, in the very act. What does he see? I don’t condemn you. I don’t even see a human. Go, but stop living as a human.

The sin, the original sin, the only sin that there is anywhere, the only mistake is really the acceptance of a material universe. “Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that throws a person out of heaven.” Now that’s Joel. Just going back to the belief that there are human beings. You cannot influence God. We are taught in The Infinite Way God Is, Is, Is, and you cannot change God, but how many of your prayers are secretly, quietly an attempt to influence God? Even little things. Now I am sitting here and I am practicing being silent like the Kailua study tells me twelve times a day and I expect that pretty soon something wonderful will happen.

Oh really, and who is that something wonderful going to happen to, since God already is? Do you see? We carry our law right into – or we try to carry the law into the kingdom of heaven and it cannot come in. Again, the story about the man who knocked on the gate.

Who’s there?”

It’s me. I’m meditating twelve times a day now. Can I have my spiritual experience, please?”

Go away! There’s no room.”

Remember he does that three times over several years and finally at the end he knocks on the door.

Who’s there?”

Thou.” And immediately found himself in heaven.

God doesn’t care who you are! (chuckles) Get that through your mind. I know it’s really difficult. It’s hard! It’s a hard saying. What about this loving father? “Oh man, for so many years I’ve had this belief in a loving father and me.” Yes, and that’s why you’re still standing outside the kingdom of heaven. That must go too. “Oh, but I’ve had this concept of God as my this and my personal savior and – .” I know. So did Mary Magdalene and that’s why she stood in the garden and yet didn’t know where she was, and she said, “They have taken my Lord away” because she was standing in the kingdom and she didn’t know it. She had her Lord and her, and her love was deep. Yet it was the love of a concept.

Our concepts of God must go. Our concepts of self must go. We have to come to God empty, a vacuum. When Joel says we turn in meditation almost a vacuum. That’s what he means. And so Mary turned and let that concept go. “They have taken my Lord … .” Yes, they have taken the concept and now Mary turned, and look, in the very garden suddenly her eyes are open. “Master!” She sees the Christ.

The two gentlemen on the road to Emmaus talking all the time with the Christ. They think it’s a human being. They think there’s somebody instructing them and them. Suddenly the concepts disappear and a moment of taking bread their eyes are opened and they see Christ right here, the only presence.

And what about you? Are you willing to make this ultimate sacrifice, the only real sacrifice – the sacrifice that there’s you that needs to make a sacrifice? Are you willing to let that go? Are you willing to release man as he [Joel] puts it in this book, Realization of Oneness? Are you willing to release man? God doesn’t care what man, human man or woman does – evil or good – makes absolutely no difference, because if it made a difference God would be just as hypnotized as the person seeing duality. But God is too pure to behold iniquity and canst not look upon evil or good. I think they cut that out. I think it was there originally. Canst not look upon evil or good.

If I walk out the front door right now of the house I’m in and walk to the end of my little walkway and look at the mountain right across the street from me – it starts right across the street and goes up – I can look at the beauty of fall, of autumn. There are golds and reds, greens, purples, yellows, oranges, salmon color. Oh, there are so many beautiful colors. And above it the sky is blue with a few white puffy clouds and there’s a gentle breeze blowing and it’s beautiful and you can smell – what is that? Oh yes, that’s the smell of the first chimney this year.

It’s gorgeous. And guess what! God doesn’t care! (chuckles) If I see a material sense of universe, good or evil, I see something God did not make.

Why wait, wait! What – you’re taking away my Lord! Yes, I’m taking away your concept.

I’m taking away the entire belief in good and evil. It does not exist. God never made the law. And if He didn’t make the law, He didn’t make either side of it, not the evil nor the good.

You’ve taken everything away. There’s nothing now but a vacuum. This is where the belief of some of the ancient people went off line or went off course. Being taught by Buddha that the world is Maya or illusion, they just stopped doing anything. Well, if it’s all illusion they’re like my friend down there in Florida who says, and he’s uh – well, I won’t tell you his name, but he says that it’s all an illusion, so why bother. We might as well just party till we die. And so many of the people sat on the roadside begging alms. Why bother to get a job? It’s all so meaningless. Why bother do anything good? It’s all so meaningless. I’m just gonna sit here and just lie around, I guess, ‘cause it’s all karma. I can’t do anything about it. Or it’s all illusion. I can’t do anything about it.

No, both of those approaches are not going to help. So you can spend several lifetimes saying, “Well, this is just an illusion. I might as well have fun. Might as well make a million dollars or I might as well go out and kill some evildoers, have a career in the military. I might as well run for office and try to make some changes in this city, in this county, in this state, in this nation. Or perhaps I’ll just do good my entire life and make money, give it away and help poor people. And saying to yourself that this is an illusion and so why bother. I’m just gonna sit by the side of the road and beg alms and as long as I have enough to eat I’m fine. It’s destiny, nothing I can do about it. I’m gonna be whatever I’m supposed to be. All of that is the wrong approach. Why?

If you are not consciously aware of strawberry shortcake, you will never have strawberry shortcake. You don’t even know that it exists. I remember when I was looking around for a good automobile I finally settled on one with all-wheel drive, which was really nice up here in the mountains in the snow, but I didn’t know that particular car existed until it entered my consciousness and I became consciously aware of it. Once I became consciously aware of it – ah, then I saw those cars everywhere. They were part of my consciousness, and it was also true – it’s also true of strawberry shortcake. If you come visit – say from Tibet – and you’ve never tasted any strawberry shortcake, somebody shows it to you the first time – ah, it enters consciousness. Or maybe they give you a pizza for the first time. Ah-ha! It enters consciousness. Now you have it – your consciousness. You can order it; it’s a part of you. Right? On a little tiny aspect, a little tiny part.

If you are not consciously aware of Christhood, of your sonship, of God is’ing Itself where you thought you were – if you have not had the experience of God is’ing right here and now, then you still believe you’re a human, and the sin is not in trying to be a good human or in trying to be a bad human. The sin is in a belief in a human. The sin is in the belief in a structural universe. The sin is in the belief in a material world.

God doesn’t care about it because God never made it. God never made the world or the person or the law in which you’ve been living. And so trying to bring that to God or bring God to that is the wrong way. And throwing up your arms and saying, “Well, that’s it, it’s destiny. I can’t change it. None of it’s real, so why bother?” That’s the wrong way too.

We want the middle way. We want to awaken consciously. We want to have the conscious living awareness of God is’ing as the I that I am. When you have that, you have overcome the world even if only for a few seconds in your meditation. You have overcome all of those beliefs, all of the belief in the law, all of the belief in good and evil, all of the belief in something you do or don’t do can influence God. All of the law that God never made is overcome in the moment you are consciously aware of God is’ing Itself as you.

And then, of course, it’s impossible to do anything because God is doing the doing. God is being the being. God is knowing the knowing. And God can’t be good and God can’t be evil. God can only be whatever God Is, and this you only know by experiencing, by being consciously aware of the Is that is. Then you know what God is.

Several of our precious thoughts and beliefs have to go. We must take away your Lord because if I don’t go away, the comforter cannot come. If you don’t lose your precious beliefs in a personal God that cares about you or in a God that condemns you and punishes you, if you do not believe those – if you do not let go of and lose – well, “Loose him, and let him go” of those concepts – if you do not let go of them you cannot enter the kingdom.

You cannot enter the conscious awareness until you let them go and stand there as a vacuum even though it can be painful because they’ve been your precious beliefs for centuries. Yet you have said you do not want to remain a child. You want to put aside childish things. You have said that you want to enter the kingdom. You want the conscious awareness of oneness with the God that Is. You want to know God aright so that you can know your own eternal being. And if this is true, then you must let these beliefs and concepts die.

When you see yourself saying, “God, I know I haven’t been meditating fully and would you please forgive me?” You must stop right then and remind yourself, “Well, how silly! Who’s this me appealing to God? Is that one of those silly human beings that God doesn’t even care about? I’ve got to stop living in that consciousness. I’ve got to stop! Now into this silence pour Thyself.” Or whatever word comes to you to remind you to be the vacuum that beholds and bears witness to God in action.

This must be not just in your meditation. Yes, it starts there. It starts there for a few seconds, maybe a minute or two or ten or fifteen. It must become your conscious awareness daily walking, talking, sitting, sleeping.

We must die to the belief in a material universe.

We must die to the belief in a human being including our self. To gain the conscious awareness of eternal Life and its perfection forming itself, then we must bit by bit give up our concern for a structural universe or person or thing and gain the awareness of eternal Life which is incorporeal.

Incorporeal – is there a life under the law that’s incorporeal? Could you show it to me, please? All life under the law is material. Think about that. Think about it. All life that comes into judgment under the law is corporeal, material, human, structural. The invisible Is’ing incorporeality of God never touches the law, for the law cannot exist in that being. And so here are the lawyers, the judges, the priests, the high priests, the Pharisees, the scribes, and they come to this man calling himself Jesus and they ask him, “Are you the Christ?” And, of course, he denies it because he knows no human being is anything. There is only the Christ. What do you mean, “Are you the Christ?” That’s ridiculous. And he says, “I and my Father are one.” “He that seeth me,” [that really sees into the invisible and sees the incorporeal Me, sees the Father, for] “I, [the incorporeal] and [the] … Father are one.” And they take up stones, those scribes and Pharisees and high priests, because he made himself equal with God.

And now I say to you the time perhaps is finally here because I really feel that it was us that picked up the stones. We could not live without the law. We were not ready to renounce humanhood. We were not ready to die. Die and be born again? What are you talking about? Now perhaps we are ready. We are ready to die to humanhood so much so that we’ll even give up our concept of good and evil, our concept of the Lord, of God. Our concept of being good enough to enter heaven or being evil enough to stay out. Perhaps we are ready to give up the entire belief in a structural universe, which is the only universe that can be under the law. Perhaps more than just changing – well now, I don’t believe in just a structural universe – I believe there’s an invisible one too.

Well, that’s not enough! You’re still a human being with beliefs.

Perhaps now we’re willing to become that vacuum, that beholder, that witness. Perhaps we’re really ready to let our silence, our silence from any sense of self, be the abiding place of Infinite Spirit, the Incorporeal Self which has never come under the law. That Self, in that Self, in the conscious awareness of that Self, consciously aware of being that I, there is no law. There’s nobody to please. There’s nothing to prove. There’s nothing to earn. There’s nothing to be worthy of. There is only Grace.

Grace. Even the dictionary calls grace a free gift. You cannot merit it or earn it. Moses gave us the law, but grace came from Christ Jesus, and now after two thousand years, are you ready? Are you ready? Yes, it feels kind of scary, doesn’t it? {There are] no anchors. I’m just floating on a sea of Spirit. Yes, and this you must do. You must launch out into the deep and there you will find buried treasures the likes of which millions and millions have never dreamed.

When you are confronted with any form of humanhood – whether bad or good, whether evil or beautiful – meet it with this moment of incorporeality, this second of silence. Meet it by witnessing God in action and that evil will dissolve and so will that good. And yes, they both must go no matter how precious they are to you – so that you can see – because when you have the conscious awareness of God is’ing as you, then you have overcome the law.

Can it be done? “… be of good cheer; I have overcome [this law].” Yes, it can. Not by a human being trying to overcome, trying to be good enough, trying to be worthy, trying to stop being critical or stop overeating or stop doing this or that. That’s still a human under the law. Even if you overcome that negative character trait, you would still be a human under the law. Something will get you from left field because when you live under the law that’s what happens. All humans are born; all humans must die. Yeah, it’s true. What I was going to say: All humans are dead, ‘cause they are. They’re dead to the conscious awareness of Is’ing Spirit, Christhood.

Come, follow me.” I have overcome the law. I live by Grace and I tell you, you can too. This is your inheritance. You have one Father. Call no one on earth your father. You’re not under anything. You in your silence and the Father are one, one being, incorporeally, eternally Omnipresence. This is my beloved Son and I love him.

What is? What is the beloved Son? The silence that bears witness to the Father. Anything else, God is too pure to behold. Yes, says Joel, let my silence be Thy abiding place. What a wonderful – well, that’s like the Buddhist pointing at the moon.

And so now let us be silent for a moment.

[Brief Silence] Fulfill the one Self that I Is.

Now be still and come to the conscious awareness. Bear witness. Behold, God Is – Is – Is.

[Brief Silence]

Well, I see it’s been an hour and I could go on, but I think that’s quite enough. It may take several listenings to realize the depth of what must be – well, what we must die out of in order to awaken into spiritual identity, Christhood, oneness, Omnipresence.

Thank you and Godspeed.


3 Comments on “The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 27 Equal With God

  1. Thank you Bill .. another pearl of great price. And “tell no man..” I see now clearly why the secrecy is a Spiritual power..
    Sending you blessings

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